9-foot albino boa constrictor found in Florida back yard

A pair of professional snake wranglers were summoned to a Florida home where a 9-foot albino boa constrictor was found in the back yard.

Rhett and Taylor Stanberry said they were called to a Naples home on a report of a huge white and yellow snake in the back yard and they arrived to find the trespassing reptile was a huge boa constrictor.

“That is one of the fattest — that’s a pet snake,” Rhett Stanberry says in a video posted to the couple’s YouTube channel, Tobie’s Troop. “That is the fattest boa constrictor I have ever seen.”

The wranglers said the snake measured 9 feet, 5 inches long and weighed in at 52 pounds.

The duo said the snake may have been a pet that escaped a few months earlier during Hurricane Ian.

The Stanberrys said the snake will have a new home in a special enclosure at their facility.